New Poll: What Python IDE / Editor you used the most in 2020?

The latest KDnuggets polls asks which Python IDE / Editor you have used the most in 2020. Participate now, and share your experiences with the community.

The latest KDnuggets poll asks:

What Python IDE / Editors you used the most in 2020?

Here are the poll results:

Here are the Most Popular Python IDEs/Editors

Given the continuously rising popularity and relative prominence of Python as one of the major programming languages utilized by Data Scientists and related professionals, taking a snapshot of the preferred or most-used development tools, as we did in November 2018, seems to be a worthwhile exercise. We have limited the number of possible selections to 3, so in the case that you regularly use multiple editors or IDEs, please select the top 3 such tools you have used thus far in 2020.