Introducing PostHog: An open-source product analytics platform

PostHog is an open-source product analytics platform that helps you and your product team capture, analyze, and make informed decisions based on user behaviour.

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Posthog Hedgehog Analytics


An all-in-one platform

PostHog offers a suite of product analysis tools, including funnels, heat maps, session recording and more, all in a single platform. This enables data and engineering teams to get information faster, without writing any SQL, while teams who prefer to avoid directly manipulating data are able to self-serve and get answers without needing support.

Find out more about the PostHog features and functionality.

Posthog Dashboard Example


Retain control & compliance

PostHog is the only analytics platform that enables users to self-host on their own infrastructure. This means they have greater control over who has access to their data and regulatory compliance is a breeze because information never leaves existing systems.

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Integrate with data warehouses

The PostHog plugin system works seamlessly with tools such as data warehouses, both for importing and exporting data. This means that users who prefer to avoid complicated business intelligence software can still perform analysis on data from across their infrastructure and develop a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour.

View the PostHog plugins library for a list of existing plugins.


Integrate with anything

PostHog provides SDKs and libraries for client integration across web, Android, and iOS as well as server integration across any platform either via the libraries or directly via the PostHog API


Get involved

We have a growing community of over 6.5k people, including contributors to the PostHog codebase on GitHub and the PostHog Slack community.

We’re also looking to hire a Data Engineer Developer Educator who will focus on documentation and code samples to ensure other Data Engineers can be successful with PostHog.