KDnuggets News, August 30: 7 Projects Built with Generative AI • Beyond Numpy and Pandas: Lesser-Known Python Libraries

7 Projects Built with Generative AI • Beyond Numpy and Pandas: Unlocking the Potential of Lesser-Known Python Libraries • 5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter For Data Science • GPT-4: 8 Models in One; The Secret is Out


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  • 5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science by Abid Ali Awan
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  • An Excellent Resource To Learn The Foundations Of Everything Underneath ChatGPT by Vidhi Chugh
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  • Learn Data Science and Business Analytics to Drive Innovation and Growth by Erika Balla
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  • Brewing a Domain-Specific LLM Potion by Ivan Yamshchikov
  • Learn MLOps Basics with This Free eBook by Matthew Mayo
  • PyTorch Tips to Boost Your Productivity by Muhammad Arham
  • How Cloud Computing Enhances Data Science Workflows by April Miller
  • GPT-4: 8 Models in One; The Secret is Out by Dr. Mandar Karhade, MD. PhD.
  • The Best Courses for AI from Universities with YouTube Playlists by Nisha Arya
  • Things You Should Know When Scaling Your Web Data-Driven Product by Karolis Didziulis
  • How to Ace Data Scientist Professional Certificate Exam by Abid Ali Awan
  • Creating A Simple Docker Data Science Image by Matthew Mayo
  • The Power of Collaboration: How Open-Source Projects are Advancing AI by Vijayasarathi Balasubramanian
  • Create a Dashboard Using Python and Dash by Hermann Rösch
  • 7 Beginner-Friendly Projects to Get You Started with ChatGPT by Josep Ferrer
  • Data Validation for PySpark Applications using Pandera by Jo Stichbury