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Chris Pearson is a Co-Founder of BigCloud recruitment firm, based in UK. He covers the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Spark and Hadoop.

Chris Pearson Posts (6)

  • Data Scientists – future-proof yourselves - 10 May 2016
    Here are 7 suggestions for Data Scientist to make themselves future-proof and get skills for a successful Data Science career in the future.
  • The Evolution of the Data Scientist - 16 Mar 2016
    We trace the evolution of Data Science from ancient mathematics to statistics and early neural networks, to present successes like AlphaGo and self-driving car, and look into the future.
  • Data Science and Disability - 01 Mar 2016
    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has come to the forefront of technology in the last few years. Learn, how practitioners are taking a more philanthropic outlook on life, supporting people suffering with both physical and mental disabilities.
  • AI Supercomputers: Microsoft Oxford, IBM Watson, Google DeepMind, Baidu Minwa - 01 Feb 2016
    In the world of AI, this is the equivalent of the US and USSR competing to put their guy on the moon first. Here is a profile of some of the giants locked into the AI space race.
  • Big Data, Privacy, and Security – which side are you on? - 18 Feb 2015
    After all the positive promise, the hype, and predictions about Big Data, 2015 started with a debate about privacy and specifically whether or not companies like Google and Facebook should be allowed to encrypt their users data.
  • How to interview a data scientist - 16 Jan 2015
    Having spent the last year interviewing a large number of Data Scientists, I’ve developed a simple set of questions that help me to understand the what, the why and the how of what they do.