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Sara A. Metwalli is a Quantum Software Researcher | Technical Content Writer | vGHC Scholar ‘21

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  • Rewards BlogGold BlogA Learning Path To Becoming a Data Scientist - 06 Jul 2021
    Becoming a professional data scientist may not be as easy as "1... 2... 3...", but these 10 steps can be your self-learning roadmap to kickstarting your future in the exciting and ever-expanding field of data science.
  • 5 Data Science Open-source Projects You Should Consider Contributing to - 07 Jun 2021
    As you prepare to interview for a position in data science or are looking to jump to the next level, now is the time to enhance your skills and your resume with by working on rea, open-source projects. Here, we suggest a great selection of projects you can contribute to and help build something awesome, so, all you need to do choose one and tackle it head on.
  • 6 Web Scraping Tools That Make Collecting Data A Breeze - 25 Feb 2021
    The first step of any data science project is data collection. While it can be the most tedious and time-consuming step during your workflow, there will be no project without that data. If you are scraping information from the web, then several great tools exist that can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.
  • 6 Data Science Certificates To Level Up Your Career - 18 Feb 2021
    Anyone looking to obtain a data science certificate to prove their ability in the field will find a range of options exist. We review several valuable certificates to consider that will definitely pump up your resume and portfolio to get you closer to your dream job.
  • Gold Blog6 NLP Techniques Every Data Scientist Should Know - 12 Feb 2021
    Natural language processing has already begun to transform to way humans interact with computers, and its advances are moving rapidly. The field is built on core methods that must first be understood, with which you can then launch your data science projects to a new level of sophistication and value.