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Junior Data Scientist at Invent Analytics and blogger.

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  • Silver Blog8 Must-Have Git Commands for Data Scientists - 08 Oct 2021
    Git is a must-have skill for data scientists. Maintaining your development work within a version control system is absolutely necessary to have a collaborative and productive working environment with your colleagues. This guide will quickly start you off in the right direction for contributing to an existing project at your organization.
  • 15 Must-Know Python String Methods - 21 Sep 2021
    It is not always about numbers.
  • Rewards BlogGold BlogData Scientists Without Data Engineering Skills Will Face the Harsh Truth - 14 Sep 2021
    Although the role of the data scientist is still evolving, data remains at its core. Setting the right expectations for what you will do as a data scientist is important, and, to be sure, knowing the tools of data engineering will get yourself ready for the real world.
  • How My Learning Path Changed After Becoming a Data Scientist - 10 Aug 2021
    I keep learning but in a different way.
  • 10 Must-Know Statistical Concepts for Data Scientists - 21 Apr 2021
    Statistics is a building block of data science. If you are working or plan to work in this field, then you will encounter the fundamental concepts reviewed for you here. Certainly, there is much more to learn in statistics, but once you understand these basics, then you can steadily build your way up to advanced topics.
  • What Took Me So Long to Land a Data Scientist Job - 29 Mar 2021
    Learning all you need to learn about data science is only part of the adventure. Landing that first job is another. While it might take a while to get your foot into the door, there are several key efforts you can do to shorten this time as much as possible.
  • Gold BlogThe Best Data Science Project to Have in Your Portfolio - 08 Feb 2021
    If you are trying to find your first path into a Data Science career, then demonstrating the quality of your skills can be the greatest hurdle. While many standard projects exist for anyone to complete, creating an original data-driven project that attempts to solve some challenge is worth so much more. A good Data Scientist is one that can solve data-related questions, and a great Data Scientist poses original data-related questions and then solves.
  • Silver BlogCleaner Data Analysis with Pandas Using Pipes - 15 Jan 2021
    Check out this practical guide on Pandas pipes.