Data Mining / Analytic Software News, Jan 2013

  • automates online data scraping - Jan 28, 2013. uses point and click interface to reduce data extraction from days to minutes. Automatic normalisation allows mixing of data sources, making data instantly comparable and accessed through API calls, or spreadsheets.
  • Rexer Analytics 2013 Data Miner Survey - Jan 24, 2013.
    Data Analysts, Predictive Modelers, Data Scientists, Data Miners, and all other types of analytic professionals, students, and academics: Please participate in the Rexer Analytics 2013 Data Miner Survey.
  • BayesiaLab 5.1: Analytics, Data Mining, Modeling and Simulation - Jan 17, 2013.
    BayesiaLab raises the benchmark in the field of analytics and data mining. The improvements range from small practical features to entirely new visualization techniques that can transform your understanding of complex problems.
  • PMML FAQ: Predictive Model Markup Language - Jan 16, 2013.
    An update on PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), de facto standard to represent predictive solutions. With PMML 4.1, all the capabilities available for data pre-processing were also made available for post-processing.
  • Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q1 2013 - Jan 10, 2013.
    Forrester Wave evaluates Big Data Predictive Analytics solutions from Angoss Software, IBM, KXEN, Oracle, Revolution Analytics, Salford Systems, SAP, SAS, StatSoft, and Tibco Software and names SAS and IBM as leaders.
  • Next Generation Analytics from SiSense - Jan 3, 2013.
    Prism is a self-contained solution, allowing users to go from raw data to finished dashboard on the same machine without technical expertise. Most users who download a trial can connect to data and begin building their first dashboard on the first day.