Data Mining / Analytic Software News, Feb 2013

  • YPS: Yottamine Predictive Services SVM, Machine Learning in the Amazon Cloud - Feb 21, 2013.
    YPS is a family of high performance, cloud-based, low-cost software services for data scientists and predictive modelers. YPS provides an R integration package, a Java API, and a web based interface.
  • Lavastorm Desktop Public and 2013 Analytic Survey - Feb 19, 2013.
    Download your free copy of Lavastorm Desktop Public, free self-service analytics software, and take part in 2013 Analytic Survey to research analytic trends and best practices and you can win the iPad mini.
  • Introduction to R for Data Mining - Feb 18, 2013.
    This on-demand webinar shows how to become immediately productive in R, and covers point-and-click data mining GUI rattle, command line data mining, and Big data mining with RevoScaleR
  • Oracle Data Miner Test-Drive - Feb 15, 2013.
    You can try Oracle Data Miner for free via virtual servers on Amazon Cloud, thanks to Vlamis Software Solutions.
  • OdinText Named Key Challenger in Text Analytics Space - Feb 13, 2013.
    Anderson Analytics' OdinText was named as a key challenger to competitors IBM, SAS, Clarabridge and Attensity last week in both the 'Go to Market Strength' and 'Customer Experience Strength' Quadrants of the 2013 Text Analytics Victory Index Report.
  • Data Science Toolkit API - Feb 13, 2013.
    The Data Science Toolkit includes many data sets and open-source tools, with REST/JSON API and Python and Javascript interfaces. API includes components to help parse places, text, and people.
  • Provalis Research - a Leader in Text Analytics; Hurwitz Text Analytics Victory Index - Feb 8, 2013.
    Hurwitz and Associates Victory Index recognized Provalis as a leader in Text Analytics, excelling in product value and ROI. The victors include IBM, SAS, OpenText, Clarabridge, and Attensity.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms - Feb 7, 2013.
    In 2012 Data Discovery became a mainstream part of BI and analytic architecture. The market also saw increased activity in real time, content and predictive analytics. The leaders in the market include Microsoft, IBM, Tableau, QlikTech, Oracle, SAS, MicroStrategy, Tibco Spotfire, Information Builders, and SAP.
  • DEAP 0.9: Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python - Feb 7, 2013.
    DEAP (Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python) is a novel evolutionary computation framework for rapid prototyping and testing of ideas. DEAP 0.9.0 has many improvements, including SCOOP , a distributed task module allowing concurrent parallel programming.
  • Lavastorm Analytics Survey - Win an iPad Mini, see results - Feb 6, 2013.
    Some of the results so far: The biggest struggle these folks are having is being able to manipulate and integrate the data; Over 60% of these respondents will be increasing their investment in analytics in 2013.
  • 3 Generations of Machine Learning and Data Mining Tools - Feb 6, 2013.
    Three different paradigms available for implementing Machine Learning (ML) algorithms both from the literature and from the open source community.
  • BabelNet 1.1: an encyclopedic dictionary and a multilingual ontology - Feb 5, 2013.
    BabelNet was created by mapping Wikipedia to the most popular computational lexicon of English (WordNet), producing an "encyclopedic dictionary" that provides babel synsets - concepts and named entities in many languages, connected with semantic relations.
  • Microsoft F# for Big Data programming - Feb 4, 2013.
    Microsoft's F# language geared to parallel programming, data-oriented problem-solving. F# language was carefully designed to facilitate data-oriented problem-solving and reduce bugs in data manipulation.