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  • IBM SPSS Statistics Products Overview - Mar 13, 2013.
    IBM SPSS Statistics has all of the tools you need to solve challenges and seize new opportunities - whether you're a business analyst, statistician or researcher. Watch the demo.
  • IBM: 5 limitations of spreadsheet analysis - Mar 13, 2013.
    Learn about some of the limitations of spreadsheets and how IBM SPSS Statistics software overcomes those limitations.
  • SFBayACM talk: GraphLab framework for Machine Learning in the Cloud - Mar 10, 2013.
    Watch this SFBay ACM presentation by Carlos Guestrin to learn about GraphLab framework, which naturally expresses graph computations key for machine learning on Big Data. On many large-scale tasks, GraphLab provides 20-100x performance improvements over Hadoop.
  • NICAR13 Data Driven Journalism Presentations, Tutorials - Mar 9, 2013.
    Here are some of the most useful presentations and tutorials for data scientists, from NICAR13, a conference that brings together some of the sharpest minds and most experienced hands in investigative journalism.
  • SPMF: Sequential Pattern Mining Framework - Mar 9, 2013.
    SPMF is an open-source, sequential pattern mining framework in Java, with over 50 data mining algorithms for sequential pattern mining, association rule mining, frequent itemset mining, sequential rule mining, and clustering.


Courses, Events


  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium, New York, May 8, 2013 - Mar 12, 2013.
    Attend the leading event on social media and social intelligence for customer experience, finance, healthcare, market research, and media applications. Special discount for KDnuggets subscribers.


Academic/Research positions

  • Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship at UChicago, Chicago, IL - Mar 12, 2013.
    The goal of this program is to train future leaders in data science to work on data-intensive social problems including education, healthcare, energy, transportation, and crime prevention. The fellowship advisory team is led by Eric Schmidt (Google) and Rayid Ghani (Former Chief Scientist, Obama 2012). Apply by Apr 1.


  • OliviaGroup Business Intelligence Innovation Survey - Mar 13, 2013.
    This research project is inspired by this Gartner statistic: 70-80% of corporate BI projects fail due to poor communication. The goal of the survey is to understand and measure the alignment between BI and human intelligence and to what degree this alignment is correlated with the success of the organization.
  • Lavastorm: 4 Top Challenges in Big Data and Analytics - Mar 12, 2013.
    Download the executive brief to learn more about the top 4 challenges in Big Data and Analytics. Learn how Lavastorm Analytics can help and download your free copy of Lavastorm Analytics Desktop Public today.
  • NPR: Big Data Revolution: How Number Crunchers Can Predict Our Lives - Mar 8, 2013.
    An author of a book on Big Data joins NPR's Steve Inskeep to talk about how Big Data helps Target detect pregnancies, the police track potential criminals - and has even changed the way he talks to his kids.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk is not anonymous - Mar 8, 2013.
    Research find vulnerability in Amazon Mechanical Turk, which can be exploited to obtain personally identifying information on some workers.
  • Big Data Revolution Analytics Interview - Mar 7, 2013.
    "A data scientist will often combine transactional data from a NoSQL system, demographic data from a RDBMS, unstructured data from Hadoop, and social data from a streaming API" - ODBMS Editor Roberto Zicari interviews David Smith, VP at Revolution Analytics, on Big Data, Analytics, R, Data Scientists, and more.

Top Tweets

News Briefs

  • 100 Most Social Big Data Companies - Mar 9, 2013.
    A report from BigDataLandscape looks at 100 Big Data Companies use of social media marketing, including blogs, videos, slideshares, and tweets, and identifies the leaders and best practices.

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