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  • Bentley Living Standards Analytics Symposium/Webcast, Mar 28 - Mar 21, 2013.
    This Bentley University Inaugural Symposium will discuss Living Standards Analytics and will feature Discussants from the World Bank, Vietnam General Statistics office, and United Nations Development Program. Attend live or watch webcast.

Courses, Events


  • IDA 2013 Frontier Prize - Mar 21, 2013.
    IDA 2013 (The 12th Int. Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis), London, UK, 17-19 Oct, will focus is on complex real-world problems, and will award the IDA Frontier Prize to the most visionary contribution. Submission deadline: May 6


Academic/Research positions


  • GE NFL Head Health Challenge - Mar 17, 2013.
    GE and NFL will award up to $10 million for improved technologies and methods that enable more accurate diagnoses of mild brain injury and prognosis for recovery following acute and/or repetitive injuries.
  • ICDAR2013: Gender Prediction from Handwriting - Mar 16, 2013.
    A non-typical Kaggle competition looks at the prediction of gender from handwriting. Closing date is Apr 15.
  • CLEF-ER 2013: Named Entity Recognition - Mar 14, 2013.
    Produce annotations in a multilingual document where there are explicit references to entities, specified through a Concept Unique Identifier.


  • WEF report: Unlocking the Value of Personal Data: From Collection to Usage - Mar 26, 2013.
    This important report from World Economic Forum proposes a new approach to personal data that is flexible and adaptive to encourage innovation, but also protects the rights of individuals. It urges change of focus from governing data collection to data use in context.
  • HP: Big Security for Big Data - Mar 25, 2013.
    Learn how organizations can protect, utilize, and gain real-time insight from #BigData. Big data enables not only busineses, but hackers, who set up robust marketplaces to sell sensitive information. See how to deal with this threat.
  • Siegel: Peril, Promise and the Price of Predictive technology - Mar 22, 2013.
    As computers are entrusted to make judgment calls traditionally decided by people, should we worry? Predictions can cause difficulties not only when wrong, but also when they are right. Eric Siegel, founder of PAW: Predictive Analytics World, looks into implications.
  • Tata Big Data Study - Key Findings - Mar 21, 2013.
    Key findings from a global Big Data Study by Tata Consultancy Services include: Big split in spending, with a minority of companies spending big while most companies spend very little, and biggest returns for leaders came from places that laggards did not value as much.
  • SAP: Change How Business Intelligence is Managed - Mar 20, 2013.
    This paper details how in-memory computing can change the way you manage business intelligence and the value your business can derive from the technology.
  • Big Data Ethics: 4 Principles - Mar 18, 2013.
    A proposal to crowdsource a set of big data privacy guidelines, starting with transparency, simplicity by design, and security.
  • Crunchbase/SiSense interactive startup dashboard: Are Big Data investments declining in 2013? - Mar 16, 2013.
    We analyze the Crunchbase start-up database using SiSense interactive dashboard and observe the latest big data trends. Will 2013 Big Data investments fall below 2012 levels?
  • Top Big Data VC Investors - Mar 15, 2013.
    Companies in the Big Data industry have received close to $5B in VC financing in the last few years. We look at the top VC firms that invest in Big Data.
  • Forrester - Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics - Mar 14, 2013.
    To combat Big Data complexity, you need machines to analyze conditions to invoke automated actions. This free report from Forrester explains how to perform adaptive automation with IT analytics.

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News Briefs

  • PAKDD 2013 Distinguished Contribution Award - Mar 18, 2013.
    The Distinguished Contribution Award recognises significant contributions in research and services and goes to Prof. Jaideep Srivastava of U. Minnesota. The award will be presented at PAKDD 2013, Gold Coast, Australia, Apr 14-17.
  • Kaggle Connect Data Science Consulting - Mar 16, 2013.
    Kaggle Connect is a consulting platform that connects companies to the top Kaggle competitors.
  • Big Data generates Big Returns, says VC Roger Ehrenberg - Mar 15, 2013.
    An interview with Roger Ehrenberg, founder of venture capital firm IA Ventures is a leading investor in startups solely around a big data theme. Ehrenberg talks about Big data, what he looks for in firms he invests, Wall Street, and whether consumer privacy is dead.
  • Facebook likes can reveal religion, politics, race, intelligence - Mar 14, 2013.
    Facebook likes can be used to accurately predict race, religion, politicals, sexuality and intelligence. Fans of curly fries and The Colbert report tend to be highly intelligent while those who like Harley Davison or Lady Antebellum not quite so.
  • KXEN Predictive Offers on Salesforce.com - Real-Time Next Best Activity - Mar 14, 2013.
    Customers can instantly personalize conversations with real-time "next best activity". KXEN engine automatically finds next best activity using advanced machine learning.

CFP - Calls for Papers


"society will need to shed some of its obsession for causality in exchange for simple correlations: not knowing why but only what."

Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think, By Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Kenneth Cukier, excerpt via Google books