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Courses, Events

  • Data Mining Course, Apr 5-6 - Mar 6, 2013.
    This course is designed for researchers and data analysts with a modest statistical background, and will enable them to start using data mining methods on their own data. It is presented by Statistical Horizons and taught by Robert Stine on April 5 and 6 in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Stanford Data Mining, Big Data, and Statistics Courses Online - Mar 5, 2013.
    Stanford University online courses and certificates give you the knowledge and skill to be at the cutting-edge of Analytics, Big Data and Data Mining. Earn world-class credentials with online courses.


  • Big Data TechCon, April 8-10, Boston - Mar 6, 2013.
    Big Data TechCon is the HOW-TO conference, with tutorials and classes apply to Big Data in your data center or in the cloud. Learn from the smartest, hardest-working faculty and be inspired by keynotes.
  • KDD-2013 Call for Demonstrations, due Apr 5 - Mar 5, 2013.
    The demo session at KDD-2013, the leading research conference on data mining and data science, lets researchers and practitioners display their latest data mining software systems, prototypes, conceptual designs, libraries and more. Submission deadline is Apr 5, 2013.


Academic/Research positions



  • MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Highlights - Mar 4, 2013.
    Highlights from the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: bigger and more corporate than ever, optimizing 3-point shots, analytics pushbacks, Importance of hand size for quarterbacks, and much more.
  • Aberdeen Report: Big Data Trends in 2013 - Mar 4, 2013.
    Big Data challenges continue to rapidly evolve, and this report will identify the new pressures and strategies implemented by organizations today.
  • Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS - Mar 4, 2013.
    This book is essential for forecasting practitioners. It uses many real-world examples to show the practical issues involved in applied forecasting with SAS software in a business setting.
  • 11 Data Visualization Experts on Twitter, plus 1 - Mar 2, 2013.
    11 data visualization experts to follow on twitter - who do you follow?
  • How to interview a Data Scientist - Feb 28, 2013.
    LinkedIn Director of Data Science, David Tunkelang, shares his Strata talk on how to interview a data scientist. Rule 2: No gotchas - they reduce the signal to noise ratio.

Top Tweets

News Briefs

  • 10 Big Data Startups at Strata - Mar 5, 2013.
    Here are 10 Big data startups which were especially noticeable at the recent Strata Conference, Feb 2013, offering Hadoop SQL engine, a virtual travel agent, sensor data solutions, baby pajamas with tiny sensors, and more.
  • muPDNA: Mu Sigma First Analytics Software Product - Mar 5, 2013.
    Mu Sigma first analytics software product, muPDNA™ offers a structured approach to defining, representing and encoding intelligence about business problems. Originally developed for internal use, muPDNA is now available to any enterprise.
  • Skytree 2013 Big Data Analytics Report - Feb 28, 2013.
    The report highlights include: Chief Data Officers Enter the C-Suite; Machine Learning becomes more mainstream; and who gains the most from Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning projects.

CFP - Calls for Papers


Big Data definition: Data is Big, when size of the data becomes part of the problem.

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