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Opinions, Interviews, and Reports


  • June 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups Activity - Jul 9, 2014.
    June 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: MapR, CloudPhysics, Clari, ThoughtSpot, SiSense, Elasticsearch, Trifacta, @CBinsights startup post-mortem lessons, and more.
  • Top stories for Jul 6-12 - Jul 13, 2014.
    Cartoon: Facebook data science experiment and Happy Cats; Data Mining/Data Science "Nobel Prize": ACM SIGKDD 2014 Innovation Award to Pedro Domingos; How Xbox, Big Data & Statistical Analysis Can Measure Public Opinion.
  • Top stories for Jun 29 - Jul 5 - Jul 6, 2014.
    Do you need a Masters Degree to become a Data Scientist?; Is "Data Scientist" more than "Data Analyst" ?; When Watson Meets Machine Learning; 100 Big Data Companies Analyzed.
  • Top stories in June: Does Deep Learning Have Deep Flaws? Cartoon: Big Data and World Cup - Jul 3, 2014.
    Does Deep Learning Have Deep Flaws? Cartoon: Big Data and World Cup Football; KDnuggets 15th Annual Data Mining Software Poll: RapidMiner Continues To Lead; The Cardinal Sin of Data Mining and Data Science: Overfitting.

Webcasts and Webinars


  • Making sense of text analytics - Jul 15, 2014.
    Text Analytics and Sentiment Mining Using SAS course teaches you how to organize, manage and mine textual data to extract the best information to improve your business. Atlanta in August and Rockville in October.



  • Disney | ABC TV Group: Principal Data Scientist - Jul 15, 2014.
    Design and manage the execution of data analysis and modeling projects aimed at solving high-impact business problems for Disney/ABC TV group media networks.
  • Unity Technologies: Big Data Backend Engineer - Jul 15, 2014.
    This position offers the unique opportunity of building a data intelligence platform on top of an existing but untapped dataset of unprecedented size and fidelity.
  • Modern Analytics: Senior Analytics Consultant - Jul 11, 2014.
    This full-time consulting role provides thought leadership and hands-on support for day-to-day analytic operations to key clients. San Diego, CA.
  • Modern Analytics: Intermediate Statistician/SAS Programmer - Jul 11, 2014.
    This full-time consulting role works closely with clients during the development and implementation of statistical, score-based, and empirical models to provide high-quality statistical modeling support. San Diego, CA.
  • D50 Media: Senior Tableau Developer - Jul 10, 2014.
    Working with industry leading clients, use large data sets to build visual representations of the data to measure campaign performance and make data-driven marketing decisions.
  • Pew Research Center: Director, Pew Research Center Labs - Jul 10, 2014.
    Lead the creation of Labs that will provide the expertise to experiment with new data sets and seek out new research methods and opportunities that complement and expand our traditional research agenda.
  • Salford Systems: Marketing Statistician - Jul 3, 2014.
    Passionate and enthusiastic about statistics and analytics, enjoy solving problems and creating educational content, have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with technical and marketing departments.
  • A Malta technology startup: Data Scientist - Jul 3, 2014.
    Looking for a Data Scientist who is an analytical, statistics loving, number cruncher who is driven and likes to work with technology, statistics, mathematics and business.
  • Booking: Data Scientist - Jul 2, 2014.
    Help steer the improvements of our products, give strategy perspective to our teams, and provide business understanding to the organization based on your data analysis.

Top Tweets

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 11-13 - Jul 14, 2014.
    Dilbert: Avoid automating things that you should not be doing You may never be truly anonymous in a #BigData world Why Argentina could not win the #WorldCup2014 cleanly? The OpenCPU System, a big step towards a universal interface for #BigData.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 7-10 - Jul 13, 2014.
    Appropriate after #BrazilvsGermany - IBM #Watson gets a Swear Filter How Birth Year Influences Political Views Analytics methods that "think" like Humans Why lists of experts in Statistics, Data Science rarely intersect.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 4-6 - Jul 8, 2014.
    KDnuggets Cartoon examines happy kittens and Facebook emotion manipulation data science experiment plyrmr package for making R work seamlessly with Hadoop Useful for #DataScience: Simple script from setting up R, Git, and Jags on Amazon EC2 How companies use R to compete.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 2-3 - Jul 4, 2014.
    For advanced Data Scientists: Tutorial in Gradient boosting machines 33 most notable Data Scientists on Twitter Leada, Berkeley-based startup, offers a platform to Practice Data Science.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 30 - Jul 1 - Jul 2, 2014.
    Is "Data Scientist" more than "Data Analyst"? 41 Big Data Influencers - Journalists, Public Sector, Industry, Academia Alteryx and Databricks to lead development of Apache SparkR Top data mining researcher @Jure Leskovec lecture on Webgraph structure.

CFP - Calls for Papers


"I was going to write an angry post about Facebook emotional manipulation study, but then I got distracted by all the happy cat pictures they showed me", KDnuggets Cartoon on Facebook data science experiment and Happy Cats.