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  • Innocentive Challenge: Novel Approaches for Predicting Life Expectancy - Jul 21, 2014.
    Help develop novel methods for life expectancy prediction without using traditional medical records, invasive tests, or examinations in this Innocentive Challenge. Submissions due by August 4th.
  • Top stories for Jul 20-26 - Jul 27, 2014.
    Baby steps in Learning Python; 7 Steps for Learning Data Mining; Spotting Bad Data Visualizations; MLlib: Apache Spark component for machine learning.
  • Top stories for Jul 13-19 - Jul 20, 2014.
    Cartoon: Facebook data science experiment and Happy Cats; GraphLab Create: large-scale machine learning platform for graph, structured, and text data; MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop - visual tool, free download; Interview: Marc Smith on Why We Need Open Tools for Social Networks.


  • Containers: The Enabler of YARN - Jul 28, 2014.
    The evolution of a data-center operating system is discussed along with the underlying challenges and approaches being followed. Containers play a big role in enabling the required abstraction and deliver additional benefits.
  • Why analysts should master public speaking - Jul 27, 2014.
    Learn how to advance your career and increase the adoption of your analysis by conveying your message more clearly using public speaking experience.
  • Data for Good: data-driven projects for social good - Jul 26, 2014.
    Data for Good is an exciting new non-profit seeking to highlight the various data science projects and resources that can ultimately contribute to the social good.
  • Dear CIO, what you have is NOT a Data Lake - Jul 17, 2014.
    Data Lakes are often the ideal structure of a company's big data, but the reality is that data is often split into data puddles. Xurmo seeks to eliminate this by integrating Data Virtualization into the Data Lake.



Webcasts and Webinars



  • IEEE Big Data 2014 - 21 Workshops, Posters - CFP - Jul 29, 2014.
    IEEE Big Data 2014 offers 21 workshops on the hottest topics in Big Data - papers due in August. Poster submissions due Sep 27. Attend the conference in Washington, D.C. and learn the latest in Big Data research.
  • PAW: The Predictive Analytics World, Gov, Boston, Health - Jul 28, 2014.
    This fall, Predictive Analytics World (PAW) produces three top-rated conferences for analytics professionals, managers, and practitioners who want to learn how to get maximum impact from predictive analytics in their field. KDnuggets discount.
  • RapidMiner World Boston - August 18-21, Boston, MA, USA - Jul 17, 2014.
    Attend RapidMiner World Boston to discuss predictive analytics, big data and data mining, enjoy presentations from industry leaders, and advance your knowledge of RapidMiner and advanced analytics.


Academic/Research positions


  • Book: Probabilistic Approaches to Recommendations - Jul 28, 2014.
    Learn about the challenges of the recommendation problem and common probabilistic solutions to it, then dive into state of the art techniques in Probabilistic Approaches to Recommendation.

Top Tweets

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 25-27 - Jul 28, 2014.
    Does Apple slow down old iPhones when new ones are released?
    The Social Network of Alexander the Great; Kirk D. Borne - from data mining at NASA to teaching Data Science at GMU
    Data for Good: data-driven projects for social good.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 23-24 - Jul 25, 2014.
    81% of retail firms gather #BigData, only 34% use analytics to drive pricing optimization
    Google Brain project: Google is not really a search company
    The Journal of Big Data has published its first articles - Hadoop, Mahout, Data MLlib: Apache Spark component for machine learning.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 21-22 - Jul 23, 2014.
    Microsoft: Data Scientist
    Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook - A practical and concise guide
    Large collection of papers on #Security and Machine Learning
    Learn Data Science in 12 wks + career coaching.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 18-20 - Jul 21, 2014.
    Baby steps in learning #Python for data analysis
    My 7 Steps for Learning Data Mining and Data Science - now in Techopedia
    A good collection of #MachineLearning tools in #Python
    Understanding Random Forests: From Theory to Practice - implementation.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 16-17 - Jul 18, 2014.
    An awesome GitHub list of #BigData frameworks, resources, and more
    15 interviews with 15 data scientists
    14 definitions of data scientist, from funny to serious
    Revised standards for statistical evidence.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jul 14-15 - Jul 16, 2014.
    5 R training programs
    Making sense of text analytics
    Watch: Machine Learning Summer School Pittsburgh 2014
    US "Data Scientist" average salary up over 10%, to $112K.


A small but significant gap in 1-100 PB range separates analysts who work with Terabyte-size commercial data warehouses and 100 PB+ Internet-scale data stores, KDnuggets Poll Results: Largest Dataset Analyzed surprisingly stable.