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  • Do you need a Masters Degree to become a Data Scientist? - Jun 27, 2014.
    Leading analytics experts answer the question: "Do you need a Masters Degree to become a Data Scientist?" Read practical tips and interesting commentary.
  • 100 Big Data Companies Analyzed - Jun 29, 2014.
    We analyze the CRN Big Data 100 for insights into trends in the future of Big Data companies, including changes in database solutions, active regions, and what industries are undergoing the most change right now.
  • Data Science Skills and Business Problems - Jun 27, 2014.
    Discover what skills a data scientist benefits from learning and how the concept of a data scientist, and what businesses expect of them, has developed over time.
  • PAW: Predictive Analytics World Boston, Oct 5-9 - Jul 1, 2014.
    Are you tired of using old predictive modeling tools? Learn from top experts like Orbitz VP of advanced analytics and Blackjack analytics how to build successful models. Special KDnuggets discount.


  • XLMiner solves Big Data Problems in Excel - Jun 26, 2014.
    XLMiner, a part of Analytic Solver Platform integrated software for predictive and prescriptive analytics - forecasting, data mining, optimization and simulation, lets you solve small or Big Data problems in Excel.
  • Domino - A Platform For Modern Data Analysis - Jun 26, 2014.
    Tools that facilitate data science best practices have not yet matured to match their counterparts in the world of software engineering. Domino is a platform built from the ground up to fill in these gaps and accelerate modern analytical workflows.

Opinions and Interviews


  • CRN 50 Emerging Big Data Vendors - Jun 26, 2014.
    We examine CRN top 50 Emerging Big Data Vendors, with 65% located in Silicon Valley. The prototypical company is located in San Francisco and develops software for Hadoop analytics platform. Competition will be tough!
  • CRN 25 Big Data Management Companies - Jun 26, 2014.
    We examine top 25 Big Data Management companies, part of CRN Big Data 100, including Actian, Couchbase, and MemSQL. A large fraction of these companies develop NoSQL solutions.
  • CRN 50 Big Data Business Analytics Companies - Jun 25, 2014.
    We examine CRN top 50 Big Data Business Analytics companies. They are younger (average age is 10), and 44% are founded since 2010.
  • Menthal - Access Rich Smartphone Dataset - Jun 26, 2014.
    Menthal projects studies smartphone habits and depression, and has an App which collects smartphone interactions and gives user a feedback. Researchers are invited to analyze a large set of volunteered data by visiting Bonn, Germany.
  • Additions to KDnuggets Directory in June - Jul 1, 2014.
    Mode Analytics, Open India Government Data, new analytics certifications, new Data Science Education options in Asia, Pacific, Europe, USA, 29 new Big Data and Data Mining meetings, and more.
  • Top stories for Jun 22-28 - Jun 29, 2014.
    Does Deep Learning Have Deep Flaws? What is Text Analytics? Data Science Skills and Business Problems; CRN 50 Emerging Big Data Vendors.

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Meetings and Reports


  • BlueJeans: Senior Data Analyst - Business Insights - Jul 1, 2014.
    Do you like to think out of the box? Do you have a passion for analytically-based business decisions? If so, then consider a career move to Blue Jeans in Mountain View.
  • BehaviorMatrix: Sr. Big Data Engineer /Architect - Jun 30, 2014.
    A talented, energetic individual with demonstrated excellence in delivering robust solutions based on leading-edge technologies in the field of big data analytics, with experience working with very large, distributed, high-performance systems.
  • BehaviorMatrix: Predictive Modeler / Data Scientist - Jun 30, 2014.
    BehaviorMatrix is a digital media analytics company that applies proprietary behavioral analysis to Big Data in order to provide unique insights to advertisers, product managers, investors, political campaigns, and others.
  • BehaviorMatrix: Data Scientist - Jun 30, 2014.
    A strong candidate would be highly interdisciplinary, with experience in data mining, machine learning, statistics, business analytics, and computational linguistics, as well as extensive programming experience, but flexibility and ability to learn is more important than any particular skill.


Top Tweets

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 27-29 - Jun 30, 2014.
    Google says #Hadoop era is over, Google Cloud Dataflow can do much more; Machine learning, data mining, predictive analysis, and advanced analytics ~ same; Do you need a Masters Degree to become a Data Scientist? ; Larry Page: "if we data mined health care data, we could save 100K lives next year".
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 25-26 - Jun 27, 2014.
    Very useful: 12 JavaScript Libraries for Data Visualization; Introduction to TF-IDF - key measure for Text Analytics; UC Berkeley new online MS in #DataScience, 18 months, $60K; XLMiner solves Big Data Problems in Excel.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 23-24 - Jun 25, 2014.
    Machine learning in the cloud: the brains behind Microsoft Azure; Understanding Data Distribution - key first step in analyzing a new data set; Mapmaking for R Programmers - an introduction. What is Text Analytics?

CFP - Calls for Papers


World Cup 2014 Predictions: both Bloomberg and FiveThirtyEight say: Brazil beats Argentina in the final