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KDnuggets™ News 19:n49, Dec 27: What is a Data Scientist Worth? New Explainable AI from Google

What is a Data Scientist Worth?; Google's New Explainable AI Service; The Most In Demand Tech Skills for Data Scientists; The 4 fastest ways NOT to get hired as a data scientist; and KDnuggets Cartoon which was included in a surprising textbook.

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We examine the salary and compensation of a Data Scientist; Look at Google's new explainable AI service; See tech skills most demanded for Data Scientists; What NOT to do if you want to get hired as a data scientist; See which KDnuggets cartoon made it into a surprising textbook this year! We also updated KDnuggets privacy policy to comply with CCPA.
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Median Salary for a Data Scientist, ITWhat is a Data Scientist Worth?

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