Explore Molecular Engineering at UChicago

Today’s engineers need to be equipped with the tools to take on leadership positions across industries. The new master’s program at the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering will provide you with a streamlined and flexible degree to give you broad exposure across science and engineering disciplines, while preparing you for the immediate next step in your professional journey.

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Uchicago 2021 Feb Msme

Today’s job market has a strong demand for highly skilled engineers across industries. To help meet it, the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago now offers the Master of Science in Molecular Engineering (MSME), a program designed to provide students with an enhanced science and engineering background to accelerate their ability to take on leadership roles in engineering firms, research and development, and in fields like healthcare, consulting, and manufacturing.

Students tailor the courses they take to their specific educational background and professional goals. With this interdisciplinary curriculum buoyed by electives in business or the humanities, MSME students can specialize in either polymer science and engineering or molecular engineering and computational materials modeling.

The polymer science and engineering specialization track has been designed to prepare students for careers in the materials, polymers, chemicals, packaging and coatings, consumer products, biomedical and pharmaceutical, and energy industries. They study the chemistry, physics, thermophysical properties, modeling, and processing of polymers, as well as other classes of soft materials including liquid crystals and colloids.

Students in the computational materials modeling specialization track take a course sequence that blends molecular engineering, quantum and classical simulation, and data science to prepare for careers in molecular engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, applied physics, polymer science, and allied fields. These studies include applied mathematics, thermodynamics, transport, quantum engineering, multiscale materials modeling, numerical methods, machine learning, and statistical data analysis.

Students in both tracks can specialize yet further with elective classes focused on the method or domain of their discipline. A distinctive aspect of MSME is the option to take electives in business or the humanities. These courses, says MSME faculty lead Andrew Ferguson, “provide foundational training in ethics, epistemology, new venture start-up, or commercialization, and constitute an important component of a well-rounded degree program to prepare students for their future career paths."

Ben ElDarragi, a member of the inaugural MSME cohort, appreciates the diversity of offerings. “The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering recognizes the advantage that interdisciplinarity has versus traditional engineering disciplines,” he says.

Apply by March 19 to join us for the autumn 2021 quarter.