Top YouTube Machine Learning Channels

These are the top 15 YouTube channels for machine learning as determined by our stated criteria, along with some additional data on the channels to help you decide if they may have some content useful for you.

KDnuggets recently brought you the Top YouTube Channels for Data Science, employing a qualitative approach to identifying those channels of value on the platform. As the endeavour seemed to be be useful to some of our readers, we have repeated the exercise, this time bringing you the top machine learning channels that YouTube has to offer.

For this iteration we changed up our metric for determining the "top" channels. We have maintained our quantitative approach, but tweaked the specifics. (Also, we fully recognize that the act of creating a criteria is a form of subjectivity, but realistically some decisions need to be made.) This time around, determining which channels ended up on our list began with this YouTube search criteria:

  • search term: "machine learning"
  • search type: channel
  • sort by: relevance

The results to this search were gathered on March 21, 2021, and appeared at this URL at the time.

The top 100 results were scraped. After this, the following bit of data processing was applied:

  • remove channels with <100K views
  • remove channels without updates for past 12 months
  • sort channels by videos/views

We had planned to take the top X form of the resulting list to include in the post. However, one channel was removed in an act of subjectivity given some of the channel creator's recent controversies. While we wish the individual well, we could not in good faith include their content in our recommendations list.

Finally, we cut the results off at top 15, which is what are listed below, and what are included in the following picture-painting visualization.

Figure 1. Top YouTube Channels for Machine Learning
Plotted by number of views and number of subscribers; relative size by number of videos;
color intensity by number of views / number of subscribers


And so here are the top 15 YouTube channels for machine learning by number of views / number of videos (or views per video), in order, with short descriptions directly from the channels themselves (where available).

1. sentdex
Views/Video: 76 K Subscribers: 1020 K, Videos: 1212, Views: 92 M, Views/Subscriber: 90

“Python Programming tutorials, going further than just the basics. Learn about machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development, game development and more.”


2. codebasics
Views/Video: 44 K, Subscribers: 271 K, Videos: 365, Views: 16 M, Views/Subscriber: 59

“The goal of this channel is to fulfill this vision by teaching the programming in most simplest and intuitive manner. I teach simple programming, data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structures, software architecture etc on my channel.”


3. DeepLearningAI
Views/Video: 42 K, Subscribers: 130 K, Videos: 205, Views: 8.7 M, Views/Subscriber: 67

“Welcome to the official DeepLearning.AI YouTube channel! Here you can find the videos from our Coursera programs on machine learning as well as recorded events. DeepLearning.AI has created high-quality AI programs on Coursera that have gained an extensive global following. By providing a platform for education and fostering a tight-knit community, DeepLearning.AI has become the pathway for anyone looking to build an AI career.”


4. deeplizard
Views/Video: 25 K, Subscribers: 93.8 K, Videos: 289, Views: 7.1 M, Views/Subscriber: 76

“Building collective intelligence.”


5. Krish Naik
Views/Video: 24 K, Subscribers: 334 K, Videos: 921, Views: 22 M, Views/Subscriber: 65

“This is my YouTube channel where I explain various topics on machine learning, deep learning, and AI with many real-world problem scenarios. I have delivered over 30 tech talks on data science, machine learning, and AI at various meet-ups, technical institutions, and community-arranged forums. My main aim is to make everyone familiar of ML and AI”


6. Kilian Weinberger
Views/Video: 17 K, Subscribers: 11.9 K, Videos: 39, Views: .65 M, Views/Subscriber: 54

“Kilian has absolutely no channel description, but the content consists of machine leanring lectures from Cornell University, where Kilian is an Associate Professor of Computer Science.”


7. Machine Learning
Views/Video: 14 K, Subscribers: 1.39 K, Videos: 20, Views: .28 M, Views/Subscriber: 199

“Watch Industry Experts thoughts, Earn Free Cloud Credits, Session on Operating Systems, Modern day Technology Tutorials, Valuable sessions on IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, Hybrid cloud strategy, Get replays and Live feeds from Meetups, Conferences and much more.“


8. Daniel Bourke
Views/Video: 14 K, Subscribers: 79.4 K, Videos: 270, Views: 3.7 M, Views/Subscriber: 46

“I'm a machine learning engineer who plays at the intersection of technology and health. My videos will help you learn better and live healthier.”


9. Hsuan-Tien Lin
Views/Video: 12 K, Subscribers: 21.8 K, Videos: 195, Views: 2.3 M, Views/Subscriber: 105

“Hsuan-Tien Lin has no channel description, but has videos on Machine Learning for Modern Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning Foundations/Techniques, and more. His channel has only been posting videos for ~2 months at the time of this article’s publication, and they are recorded in a mix of English and Mandarin (I believe).”


10. Python Engineer
Views/Video: 11 K, Subscribers: 28 K, Videos: 121, Views: 1.3 M, Views/Subscriber: 46

“Hi, I'm Patrick. I’m a passionate Software Engineer who loves Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Science. I create free content in order to help more people get into those fields. If you have any questions, feedback, or comments, just shoot me a message! I am happy to talk to you :)”


11. Data Science Courses
Views/Video: 10 K, Subscribers: 14.5 K, Videos: 81, Views: .85 M, Views/Subscriber: 59

“No description, but Ali Ghodsi is a professor at Waterloo, and also a member of the university’s Artificial Intelligence Research Group. The channel includes lecture videos.”


12. Abhishek Thakur
Views/Video: 9.4 K, Subscribers: 42.8 K, Videos: 85, Views: .8 M, Views/Subscriber: 19

“I make videos about applied machine learning, deep learning and data science. I am the world's first 4x grandmaster on Kaggle.”


13. Jeff Heaton
Views/Video: 9.1 K, Subscribers: 48.3 K, Videos: 411, Views: 3.7 M, Views/Subscriber: 78

“Would you like to learn about deep neural networks and other areas of my machine learning research that has allowed me to score in the top 7-10% of some Kaggle competitions? If so, please subscribe to my channel! My name is Jeff Heaton, Ph.D. I am a VP of data science for a Fortune 300 company and I teach a deep learning course as an adjunct instructor for a top university.”


14. Subalalitha C N
Views/Video: 8.8 K, Subscribers: 2.87 K, Videos: 40, Views: .35 M, Views/Subscriber: 123

“I am Dr.Subalalitha C.N, working as Associate Professor in SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India. In this channel, you can find my lectures on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Design and Analysis of Algorithms.”


15. Machine Learning TV
Views/Video: 8.0 K, Subscribers: 23.1 K, Videos: 126, Views: 1.0 M, Views/Subscriber: 43

“This channel is all about machine learning (ML). It contains all the useful resources which help ML lovers and computer science students gain a better understanding of the concepts of this successful branch of Artificial Intelligence.”


And these are the top 15 YouTube channels for machine learning by views per video, along with some additional data to help you decide whether these channels may have video content which may be of interest to you. Good luck with your viewing!