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IoT, M2M, Crypto and Big Data Science Influencer | CIO at Inboundment | CCO at Branding2win | Founder at Simplernow

Yash Mehta Posts (4)

  • Four Big Data Trends for 2018 - 25 Jan 2018
    Curious about the future of Big Data and AI? Here’s what the trends have it in 2018 for innovations.
  • How will Big Data companies monetize data in 2018? - 01 Aug 2017
    In today’s data driven economy, Data is a strategic asset to a company and data monetization is prime focus of many companies. Let’s see how data monetization will be achieved in 2018.
  • How HR Managers Use Data Science to Manage Talent for Their Companies - 07 Jun 2017
    Data sciences can also be used by HR manager to create several estimates like the investment on talent pool, cost per hire, cost on training, and cost per employee. It provides better techniques for optimization, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Importance of Data Science for IoT business - 14 Dec 2015
    Here, we have explored how IoT businesses can leverage data science for IT strategies, service analysis stack, capacity planning, hardware maintenance, competitive advantages and anomaly detection. Along with, the different application in multiple IoT industries.

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