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  • DARPA SBIR: Defense Against National Vulnerabilities in Public Data - Aug 23, 2013.
    Could a modestly funded group deliver nation-state type effects using only public data? This DARPA SBIR calls to investigate the US national security threat posed by public data and develop tools to characterize and assess the nature, persistence, and quality of the data. Opens: Aug 26, Closes Sep 25, 2013.


  • Webinar: Data Mining: Failure to Launch [Sep 11] - Aug 26, 2013.
    Learn how to get started with predictive modeling and overcome strategic and tactical limitations that cause data mining projects to fall short of their potential. Next webinar is Sep 11.
  • Salford: The Evolution of Regression Modeling: Watch on Demand - Aug 16, 2013.
    This webinar series addresses the problems of classical regression and improvements such as regularized and nonlinear regression, and modern ensemble and data mining approaches. Very useful to any data miner or data scientist.

Courses, Events

  • SAS BKS Courses: Learn how to use data mining effectively - Aug 27, 2013.
    The SAS BKS Series offers effective courses developed and delivered by leading industry experts, including Advanced Analytics for the Modern Business Analyst, Data Mining: Principles and Best Practices, Net Lift Models, Survival Data Mining, and Text Analytics. Check out our fall classes!
  • TMA Courses in Data Analytics [Sep: Washington, DC; Dec: Las Vegas] - Aug 26, 2013.
    Get up to speed in data mining faster and more effectively than with any other training program available. Next courses in Washington, DC and Las Vegas, NV.
  • Machine Learning: Hands-On Introduction, Oct 18-19 - Aug 24, 2013.
    Requiring no previous background in machine learning, this two-day seminar is a hands-on introduction to the field as well as to the R statistical environment that will be used to illustrate the machine learning concepts.


  • ACM KDD 2013, Chicago: Report by Dirk Van den Poel (c comments) - Aug 25, 2013.
    Read Dirk Van den Poel excellent and detailed reports and photographs from KDD-2013 conference in Chicago, August 10-14 - one of the prime events in the data mining, big data, and data science.
  • IEEE Big Data Conference, Oct 6-9, Santa Clara - Aug 27, 2013.
    Join us for this exciting event with high quality program, including 45 papers selected from over 300 submissions, 15 workshops, 4 keynote speakers, tutorials, and an industry program. Early bird reg is Sep 10.
  • KNIME User Day Boston, USA, October 22 - Aug 22, 2013.
    A full day program is scheduled to talk about big data, social media analysis, time series analysis, predictive analytics, chemo-informatics, finance, sentiment analysis, and more. Participation is free, but numbers are limited.
  • Big Data Innovation Summit, Mumbai, India, Oct 31-Nov 1 - Aug 19, 2013.
    Spending on Big Data technologies in India is growing, but its full use is hampered a lack of data driven decision makers. Big Data Innovation in Mumbai will address this issue. Early bird passes until Aug 23.


Academic/Research positions


  • CDMC2013: Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition - Aug 20, 2013.
    The focus of this competition is on application of knowledge discovery techniques for protecting personal computer information by means of detection, preventive measures, and responding to various attacks.


  • New Book: Data Science for Business, by Provost and Fawcett - Aug 26, 2013.
    This book is for those who need to understand data science/data mining broadly and those who want to develop their skill at data-analytic thinking. It presents fundamental principles which are the foundation for many data mining techniques, and the basis for approaching business problems data-analytically.
  • LIONbook Chapter 7: Ranking and selecting features - Aug 23, 2013.
    The LIONbook on machine learning and optimization, written by co-founders of LionSolver software, is provided free on a chapter by chapter basis for personal and non-profit usage. Chapter 7 examines the process of feature selection, a key step in getting more accurate and understandable models.

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