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  • Lavastorm Analytics Business Analyst Survey 2013 - Sep 5, 2013.
    This new short survey focuses on you, the person driving analytics, and the skills that you need now and in the future - participate and see the common challenges, the skills necessary to succeed, and gain insight into your colleagues.
  • Mikut Data Mining Tools Big List - Update (c comments) - Sep 3, 2013.
    An update of the Excel table describing 325 recent and historical data mining tools is now online (Excel format), 31 of them were added since the last update in November 2012. These new updated tools include new published tools and some well-established tools with a statistical background.


Courses, Events

  • DePaul MS in Predictive Analytics - Sep 2, 2013.
    On-campus or online, DePaul MS in Predictive Analytics graduates develop both analytical skills and business acumen, with a choice of 4 concentrations: Marketing, Computational Methods, Hospitality, and Health Care.
  • UCI Online Predictive Analytics Certificate - Sep 9, 2013.
    Courses start Sep 30 and include Intro to Predictive Analytics, Defining Business Goals, Text Analytics & Text Mining, and Big Data. Enroll now.
  • Predictive Models with PMML Workshop, Oct 24-25, San Diego - Sep 7, 2013.
    The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is the de facto standard to represent data mining and predictive analytic models. This hands-on workshop will explore how the PMML language allows for models to be deployed in minutes.



Academic/Research positions


  • CrowdScale Challenge: CrowdFlower Sentiment and Google facts - Sep 7, 2013.
    To help advance research on crowdsourcing at scale, CrowdFlower and Google are sharing two new, large challenge datasets for multi-class classification.
  • Ubuntu Data Science Charm Championship - Sep 4, 2013.
    Submit code solutions that solve data science problems using Juju, the service orchestration tool from Ubuntu, to wrap an application into a self-contained, reusable charm bundle. Do something interesting and win 10K.
  • BattleFin Big Data Combine competition - Sep 3, 2013.
    To test crowdsourcing and big data, BattleFin is launching a venture capital initiative to invest in early stage predictive models used to design innovative liquid hedge fund strategies.


  • LIONbook Chapter 8: Specific nonlinear models - Sep 6, 2013.
    The LIONbook on machine learning and optimization, written by co-founders of LionSolver software, is provided free on a chapter by chapter basis for personal and non-profit usage. Chapter 8 looks at nonlinear models, from logistic regression to LASSO.
  • Big Data Journal: Call For Papers - Sep 5, 2013.
    Big Data, a highly innovative, peer-reviewed journal, is seeking high-quality, innovative submissions: original articles, reviews, commentaries and perspectives, brief reports, point/counterpoint articles, and letters to the editor.
  • Privacy and Big Data: Stanford Online Symposium - Sep 3, 2013.
    Experts look at Privacy and Big Data, Fairness of Classification Algorithms, 3 Paradoxes of Big Data, Buying and Selling Privacy, Prediction, Preemption, Presumption, and other topics in Big Data vs Privacy debate.
  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2013 Presentations available - Sep 2, 2013.
    Watch presentation videos and slide decks from the 2013 Sentiment Analysis Symposium (freely available) and help decide on future conferences in the field by taking a short survey.
  • Galit Shmueli: Designing a Business Analytics Program: Structure and Content (c comments) - Aug 31, 2013.
    On her experience designing a Business Analytics certificate program for the Indian School of Business, in terms of content and structure, and the skills and knowledge needed to make a valuable data analyst and a powerful consultant.
  • Catching up with Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro - Aug 31, 2013.
    BigML interview with me on how the knowledge discovery field has changed since KDnuggets launch in 1997, the relationship between data mining and machine learning communities, and more.

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