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  • IBM Watson Analytics vs. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Part 1) - Dec 16, 2014.
    IBM Watson Analytics prototype seeks to abstract away data science, taking ordinary natural language queries and answering them based on the content of uploaded datasets. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning goes the opposite route, streamlining existing data mining methodology for fast results and integration with MS's other cloud services.
  • Open Source Big Data Analytics Platform - Dec 14, 2014.
    Download IKANOW open source analytics platform for FREE and start analyzing structured and unstructured data sources. Great for cyber, social, and crisis use cases.
  • 16 NoSQL, NewSQL Databases To Watch - Dec 15, 2014.
    NoSQL and NewSQL databases have become much more important with the proliferation of big, mobile, and networked data, and these sixteen database solutions are some of the biggest up-and-comers.




  • IIA 2015 Analytics Predictions - Dec 11, 2014.
    Highlights and discussion from IIA 2015 Analytics Predictions webinar, including Storytelling will be the hot new job in analytics; companies double investment in generating NEW and UNIQUE data, and how does one become an expert if entry-level work is automated?


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  • TXU Energy: Senior Statistical Modeling Analyst - Dec 16, 2014.
    Analyzing and developing improvements to business processes, identifying and facilitating the creation of appropriate reporting and definition around each function, managing and integrating processes relating to operations, and delivering an improved customer experience.
  • Microsoft: Principal Data Scientist - Dec 16, 2014.
    At Azure Machine Learning, our vision is to make machine learning cloud technology accessible to every enterprise, data scientist, developer, information worker, consumer, and device anywhere in the world.
  • JCA: BI Engineer, Business Intelligence Group - Dec 12, 2014.
    JCA provides strategic consulting to the world leading nonprofits. BI Engineer will work with JCA Answers, JCA analytics, and other Enterprise BI systems and services.
  • Knewton: Data Scientist - Dec 10, 2014.
    Knewton is on a mission to personalize education for students around the world - many education organization already use the Knewton platform to power course materials that dynamically adapt to each student unique needs.
  • Boeing: Advanced Technologist in Text Analytics, level 2/3 - Dec 10, 2014.
    Our organization partners with Boeing business units to advance towards widespread application of modeling, simulation, and analytics across the lifecycle of our aerospace and defense products.

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    On the effects Analytics bring to enterprises;
    Anyone Can Now Use IBM #WatsonAnalytics to Crunch Data For Free;
    Economists are NOT nonpartisan - @FiveThirtyEight quantifies their bias;
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