AI and Machine Learning: Top Influencers and Brands

Onalytica gives us a new list of the top 100 Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning influencers and brands, and provides some insight into the relationships between them.

Onalytica, a firm which specializes in social network analysis and influencer relationship software, recently released their latest Top 100 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Influencers and Brands Report. The report lists the top 100 in each category, and goes on to graphically explore the relationships between them.

The report's website shares a list of the top 50 in each category (influencers and brands), while the downloadable full report contains the top 100. As a taste of what to expect, here is a list of the Top 20 Influencers:

Rank Twitter Handle Name Company Influencer Score
1 @MikeTamir Michael Tamir Galvanize 42.37
2 @KirkDBorne Kirk Borne Booz Allen Hamilton 41.5
3 @kdnuggets Gregory Piatetsky KDnuggets 36.87
4 @craigbrownphd Craig Brown, Ph.D. STEM 32.61
5 @bobgourley Bob Gourley Cognitio Corp 23.73
6 @davidwkenny David Kenny IBM Watson 23.49
7 @genekogan Gene Kenny Sourcetone 23.18
8 @randhindi Rand Hindi Snips 22.87
9 @mappingbabel Jack Clark Bloomberg 17.51
10 @randal_olson Randal Olson University of Pennsylvania 17.03
11 @jordannovet Jordan Novet VentureBeat 16.92
12 @GaryMarcus Gary Marcus Geometric Intelligence 16.53
13 @xamat Xavier Amatriain Quora 15.69
14 @RickKing16 Rick King Consultant 14.95
15 @EdKwedar Ed Kwedar Consultant 14.21
16 @miha_jlo Mihajlo Grbovic Yahoo Labs 13.62
17 @ilparone Jarno M. Koponen Random, TechCrunch 13.16
18 @alexjc Alex J. Champandard AiGameDev, 12.35
19 @guestrin Carlos Guestrin Dato 11.57
20 @willknight Will Knight Technology Review 9.73

Below is a graph of the relationships between the top influencers (a similar graph exists on Onalytica's website for top brands). Click to enlarge.

Top influencer relationship graph

Top Influencer Relationships Graph (click to enlarge).

Onalytica reached out to some of the top influencers for some insight into their views on the subjects of AI and machine learning, and included some of this insight on their post. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist with Booz Allen Hamilton and #2 ranked influencer, had this to say:

I say that machine learning refers to the basis set of mathematical algorithms that learn the models that describe the patterns and features in data, while data mining is the application of those algorithms for making discoveries from large data sets, and Artificial Intelligence is the application of those algorithms for autonomous action and decision-making within devices (such as robotics).

KDnuggets' own Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro had the following to say:

Past “experts” who said that AI will not defeat human chess master, or human chess champion, or will not recognize images, etc, have all been proven wrong. There do not seem to be any barriers to what AI and Machine Learning can achieve. Now is the time to take AI seriously and consider immense benefits but also huge risks from a human-level AI.

And Randal Olson, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Biomedical Informatics, shares the following:

With DeepMind’s AlphaGO taking on a world expert Go player, Boston Dynamics’ bipedal robot (Atlas) marching into the robotics scene, and so much more, 2016 is looking to be a groundbreaking year for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A list of the top 20 brands follows:

Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @xdotai 100
2 @wef World Economic Forum 76.43
3 @IBMWatson IBM Watson 70.41
4 @xprize XPRIZE 68.77
5 @TechCrunch TechCrunch 46.66
6 @MSFTResearch Microsoft Research 45.93
7 @IBM IBM 38.03
8 @Microsoft @Microsoft 37.16
9 @techreview MIT Tech Review 36.4
10 @Forbes Forbes 33.16
11 @nvidia NVIDIA 30.94
12 @Techmeme Cloudera 27.41
13 @analyticbridge Big Data Science 26.24
14 @sejournal SearchEngineJournal® 26.17
15 @YahooLabs Yahoo Labs 19.13
16 @Toyota Toyota USA 18.59
17 @innovateuk Innovate UK 18.55
18 @TechRepublic TechRepublic 15.29
19 @singularityhub Singularity Hub 15.22
20 @open_ai OpenAI 15.14

The full report can be downloaded from Onalytica's website.