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Co-founder @SharpestMindsAI (Y Combinator W18). Physics | Machine learning | Philosophy | Startups. Twitter: @jeremiecharris.

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  • How to learn data science on your own: a practical guide - 11 Feb 2020
    While much focus today is on the rise in working from home and the challenges experienced, not as much is said about learning from home. For those lone wolfs studying Data Science in a self-directed way, a range of issues can get in the way of your goal. Learn about these common problems to prepare to focus yourself all the way to your educational goals.
  • 3 common data science career transitions, and how to make them happen - 06 Jan 2020
    Breaking into a career in Data Science can depend on where you start. See if you fit into one of these three categories of "newbies," and then find out how to make your professional transition into the field.
  • The 4 fastest ways NOT to get hired as a data scientist - 18 Dec 2019
    Ready to try to get hired as a data scientist for the first time? Avoiding these common mistakes won’t guarantee an offer, but not avoiding them is a sure fire way for your application to be tossed into the trash bin.
  • The thin line between data science and data engineering - 25 Sep 2019
    Today, as companies have finally come to understand the value that data science can bring, more and more emphasis is being placed on the implementation of data science in production systems. And as these implementations have required models that can perform on larger and larger datasets in real-time, an awful lot of data science problems have become engineering problems.
  • Silver BlogWhy you’re not a job-ready data scientist (yet) - 09 Jul 2019
    Trying to snag a dream Data Science job, but can't seem to land one? Check out these four skills that companies really want and be prepared for your next interview.
  • The problem with data science job postings - 25 Apr 2019
    We provide a useful set of rules you can follow to make sure you’re applying to the right roles and explain why confusing job descriptions with impossible requirements are the new normal.
  • The brain as a neural network: this is why we can’t get along - 19 Dec 2018
    This article sets out to answer the question: what insights can we gain about ourselves by thinking of the brain as a machine learning model?
  • Platinum BlogWhy You Shouldn’t be a Data Science Generalist - 14 Dec 2018
    But it’s hard to avoid becoming a generalist if you don’t know which common problem classes you could specialize in in the fist place. That’s why I put together a list of the five problem classes that are often lumped together under the “data science” heading.
  • Gold BlogTo get hired as a data scientist, don’t follow the herd - 12 Nov 2018
    Key tips, including advice on how to step out of your comfort zone and sometimes overlooked important skills that will impress employers. Check also the audio version with additional advice.