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Kurtis Pykes is a Machine Learning Engineer, a Top Writer at Towards Data Science, and an Upwork Top Rated Freelancer. Follow his Medium blog.

Kurtis Pykes Posts (5)

  • Rewards BlogPlatinum BlogThe Difference Between Data Scientists and ML Engineers - 11 Aug 2021
    What's the difference? Responsibilities, expertise, and salary expectations.
  • How I Levelled Up My Data Science Skills In 8 Months - 09 Oct 2020
    Read how the author used their time to level up a variety of their data science skills over a short period of time, and learn how you could do the same.
  • Feature Engineering for Numerical Data - 11 Sep 2020
    Data feeds machine learning models, and the more the better, right? Well, sometimes numerical data isn't quite right for ingestion, so a variety of methods, detailed in this article, are available to transform raw numbers into something a bit more palatable.
  • The Most Important Data Science Project - 04 Sep 2020
    What is the project every data scientist must do?
  • Getting Started with Feature Selection - 25 Aug 2020
    For machine learning, more data is always better. What about more features of data? Not necessarily. This beginners' guide with code examples for selecting the most useful features from your data will jump start you toward developing the most effective and efficient learning models.

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