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a data enthusiast with 3+ years of experience in SQL and 2+ years of experience in Python, and a blogger on Towards Data Science and KDnuggets.

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  • The Most In-Demand Skills for Data Scientists in 2021 - 15 Apr 2021
    If you are preparing to make a career as a Data Scientist or are looking for opportunities to skill-up in your current role, this analysis of in-demand skills for 2021, based on over 15,000 Data Scientist job postings, should offer you a good idea as to which programming languages and software tools are increasing and decreasing in importance.
  • Platinum BlogTop 10 Python Libraries Data Scientists should know in 2021 - 24 Mar 2021
    So many Python libraries exist that offer powerful and efficient foundations for supporting your data science work and machine learning model development. While the list may seem overwhelming, there are certain libraries you should focus your time on, as they are some of the most commonly used today.
  • Introducing dbt, the ETL and ELT Disrupter - 17 Mar 2021
    Moving and processing data is happening 24/7/365 world-wide at massive scales that only get larger by the hour. Tools exist to introduce efficiencies in how data can be extracted from sources, transformed through calculations, and loaded into target data repositories. However, on their own, these tools can introduce some restrictions in the processing, especially for the needs of data analytics and data science.
  • Silver Blog4 Machine Learning Concepts I Wish I Knew When I Built My First Model - 09 Mar 2021
    Diving into building your first machine learning model will be an adventure -- one in which you will learn many important lessons the hard way. However, by following these four tips, your first and subsequent models will be put on a path toward excellence.
  • 10 Statistical Concepts You Should Know For Data Science Interviews - 23 Feb 2021
    Data Science is founded on time-honored concepts from statistics and probability theory. Having a strong understanding of the ten ideas and techniques highlighted here is key to your career in the field, and also a favorite topic for concept checks during interviews.
  • 7 Most Recommended Skills to Learn to be a Data Scientist - 10 Feb 2021
    The Data Scientist professional has emerged as a true interdisciplinary role that spans a variety of skills, theoretical and practical. For the core, day-to-day activities, many critical requirements that enable the delivery of real business value reach well outside the realm of machine learning, and should be mastered by those aspiring to the field.
  • Gold BlogWant to Be a Data Scientist? Don’t Start With Machine Learning - 26 Jan 2021
    Machine learning may appear like the go-to topic to start learning for the aspiring data scientist. But. thinking these techniques are the key aspects of the role is the biggest misconception. So much more goes into becoming a successful data scientist, and machine learning is only one component of broader skills around processing, managing, and understanding the science behind the data.
  • Platinum BlogAll Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know in 2021 - 04 Jan 2021
    Many machine learning algorithms exits that range from simple to complex in their approach, and together provide a powerful library of tools for analyzing and predicting patterns from data. If you are learning for the first time or reviewing techniques, then these intuitive explanations of the most popular machine learning models will help you kick off the new year with confidence.
  • 6 Things About Data Science that Employers Don’t Want You to Know - 14 Dec 2020
    As is the potential for any "trending hot" career, the reality of a position in the field may not be all that you initially expected. Data Science is no exception, and being still a young field, its evolving definition can offer some surprises that you should know about before accepting that dream offer.
  • 14 Data Science projects to improve your skills - 01 Dec 2020
    There's a lot of data out there and so many data science techniques to master or review. Check out these great project ideas from easy to advanced difficulty levels to develop new skills and strengthen your portfolio.

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