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a data enthusiast with 3+ years of experience in SQL and 2+ years of experience in Python, and a blogger on Towards Data Science and KDnuggets.

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  • Gold BlogAll Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know in 2021 - 04 Jan 2021
    Many machine learning algorithms exits that range from simple to complex in their approach, and together provide a powerful library of tools for analyzing and predicting patterns from data. If you are learning for the first time or reviewing techniques, then these intuitive explanations of the most popular machine learning models will help you kick off the new year with confidence.
  • 6 Things About Data Science that Employers Don’t Want You to Know - 14 Dec 2020
    As is the potential for any "trending hot" career, the reality of a position in the field may not be all that you initially expected. Data Science is no exception, and being still a young field, its evolving definition can offer some surprises that you should know about before accepting that dream offer.
  • 14 Data Science projects to improve your skills - 01 Dec 2020
    There's a lot of data out there and so many data science techniques to master or review. Check out these great project ideas from easy to advanced difficulty levels to develop new skills and strengthen your portfolio.
  • Gold BlogHow to Get Into Data Science Without a Degree - 16 Nov 2020
    Breaking into any new field or slogging through a career change is always a challenge, and requires focus and even a little grit. While transitioning to becoming a Data Scientist is no different, aspiring to this role is possible, even without a formal post-secondary degree, largely due to the vast amount of quality learning resources available today.
  • Gold BlogHow to Explain Key Machine Learning Algorithms at an Interview - 19 Oct 2020
    While preparing for interviews in Data Science, it is essential to clearly understand a range of machine learning models -- with a concise explanation for each at the ready. Here, we summarize various machine learning models by highlighting the main points to help you communicate complex models.
  • Silver BlogHow I Consistently Improve My Machine Learning Models From 80% to Over 90% Accuracy - 23 Sep 2020
    Data science work typically requires a big lift near the end to increase the accuracy of any model developed. These five recommendations will help improve your machine learning models and help your projects reach their target goals.

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