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  • Poll Results: Largest Dataset Analyzed/Data Mined - Apr 23, 2013.
    The largest dataset analyzed kept growing, with the median value in 40-60 GB range, about twice the 2012 value. US data miners lead other regions in Big Data: about 28% of them worked with TB size databases. We again observed the 11-100 Petabyte gap.
  • Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science - Apr 22, 2013.
    We investigate the largest LinkedIn groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science and look at their size, growth and activity levels. We identify 4 distinct types of group behavior, and find there are 50% more discussions/week than comments.
  • PAW: Predictive Analytics World Chicago June - Apr 23, 2013.
    Charge your expertise with the latest methodologies, connect with your peers, and experience unmatched networking and learning at PAW Chicago - June 10-13, 2013. Register before May 1, 2013 for savings up to $400.
  • GE NFL NineSigma $10 Million Head Health Challenge - Apr 19, 2013.
    GE and NFL Head Health Challenge will award up to $10 million for more accurate diagnoses of brain injury and prognosis for recovery. The Challenge is hosted by NineSigma.
  • Data Scientist Hat - Best Comments - Apr 21, 2013.
    Here are best comments on Data Scientist Hat - clearly data scientists need to wear multiple hats, including y-hat, to help protect from Hype and Overfitting.
  • KDD Innovation and Service Awards, nominations due May 31 - Apr 23, 2013.
    Nominate leaders in Big data, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, and Predictive Analytics for ACM SIGKDD Innovation and Service Awards. The awards recognize outstanding technical innovations and outstanding professional contributions to the field and are due May 31.
  • Should Data Science become a Profession: Pro and Con - Apr 18, 2013.
    A Data Science Code of Professional Conduct can protect both consumers of data science and data scientists themselves. But it is useful and possible without a single professional body? Read the pro and con arguments and join lively debate on this topic.
  • Top news for Apr 14-20: KDD Cup 2013: Author-Paper ID; 5 Top Articles DMKD Articles; Microsoft ML Summit Streamed Live Apr 23 - Apr 21, 2013.
    KDD Cup 2013: Author-Paper Identification Challenge; Free Read 5 Top Articles from DMKD journal; Microsoft Machine Learning Summit Streamed Live Apr 23
    Top jobs: Machine Learning Scientist at Accretive Health; Data Scientist at American Express


  • GDELT: Global Data on Events, Location and Tone - Apr 17, 2013.
    The GDELT database: Global Data on Events, Location and Tone, which is an amazing tool for data journalists. The Guardian described it as "a #BigData history of life, the universe and everything"


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  • IEEE ICDM Conference on Data Mining Demos - Apr 23, 2013.
    The demo session at ICDM-2013, the world's premier research conference in data mining, provides data mining researchers and practitioners an exciting and highly interactive way to explore new ideas and results. Submission deadline is August 9th, 2013.
  • BPDM scholarships: Broadening Participation in Data Mining, KDD 2013 - Apr 22, 2013.
    The BPDM Program cultivates a talented and diverse population of data mining researchers by providing scholarships for students of underrepresented groups to interact with and learn from senior researchers in industry. Apply by May 5.
  • Meetup/Webcast Apr 23: Shark Data Analytics Stack on a Hadoop Cluster - Apr 18, 2013.
    Data Science Meetup: "Shark Data Analytics Stack on a Hadoop Cluster", April 23, 2013, 6 pm MT in Denver, CO - Free and open to all. Live webcast for folks unable to attend in-person.



  • KDD Cup 2013: Author-Paper Identification Challenge - Apr 18, 2013.
    One of the main challenges of searching academic literature is resolving author-name ambiguity: many authors have similar names, and some authors publish under different variations of their name. This problem is the topic of KDD Cup 2013: determine which papers in Microsoft Academic Search author profile were truly written by that author. Submission deadline: June 12.

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