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Martijn Theuwissen is Co-Founder of DataCamp, which offers online learning platform for R, Python, and more. He is based in Antwerp Area, Belgium.

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  • Comprehensive Guide to Learning Python for Data Analysis and Data Science - 20 Apr 2016
    Want to make a career change to Data Science using python? Well learning anything on your own can be a challenge & a little guidance could be a great help, that is exactly what this article will provide you with.
  • R Learning Path: From beginner to expert in R in 7 steps - 23 Mar 2016
    This learning path is mainly for novice R users that are just getting started but it will also cover some of the latest changes in the language that might appeal to more advanced R users.
  • R or Python? Consider learning both - 08 Mar 2016
    The key to become a data science professional is in understanding the underlying data science concepts and work towards expanding your programming toolbox as much as you can. Hence, one should understand when to use Python and when to pick R, rather mastering just one language.
  • The different data science roles in the industry - 17 Nov 2015
    Data science roles and responsibilities are diverse and skills required for them vary considerably. Here, we have described the different data science roles along with the skill set, technical knowledge and mindset required to carry it.
  • R vs Python for Data Science: The Winner is … - 26 May 2015
    In the battle of "best" data science tools, python and R both have their pros and cons. Selecting one over the other will depend on the use-cases, the cost of learning, and other common tools required.