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Russell Walker, Ph.D. is a Professor at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University. He helps companies develop strategies to manage risk and harness value through analytics and Big Data. He is the author of From Big Data to Big Profits: Success with Data and Analytics ( 2015) which examines digital strategies and methods for monetizing data, and Winning with Risk Management (2013), which examines the principles and practice of risk management through business case studies. You can find him at @RussWalker1492 and russellwalkerphd.com.

Russell Walker Posts (11)

  • Uber-fication! Uberize Your Business - 02 Jan 2017
    We examine what Uber has done that drives success in many markets across the globe and why so many businesses are seeking an Uber-style solution to their business. We present a listing of lessons on what to do if you are seeking to Uber-ize your business model.
  • Valuable Data Products: Answers to Career Questions and More - 21 Oct 2016
    Collecting high quality data from various resources and turning it into data products is one of the ways to monetize data in today’s digital economy. Lets take a deeper look into it.
  • What is Your Data Worth? On LinkedIn, Microsoft, and the Value of User Data - 20 Jun 2016
    The recent announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn has raised many questions about how Microsoft will monetize this data. We examine LinkedIn value per user and compare to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter.
  • Career Advice to Data Scientists – Go Make More Money - 16 Mar 2016
    Data Scientist should offer the enterprise more than the ability (and cost) of doing analysis, but behave as an executive with expertise in analysis and help lead the enterprise on decisions, investments, and operations.
  • Practical Career Advice and Best Practices in Analytics - 10 Mar 2016
    Being an analyst is not only a technical job it also has a peoples side to it. Given that many MBAs, engineers, and even non-quantitative graduates are interested in Analytics careers, we are sharing some advice on best practices for excelling with Analytics in your career.
  • Airbnb: Lessons on Digital, Startups, Big Data and Disrupting Markets - 21 Jan 2016
    AirBnB has brought together unmatched supply and demand and allowed for market-driven evaluation of assets. We are sharing lessons learnt from them for digital startups and big data organisations.
  • Learning from Hurricanes: Big Data Analytics, Risk, & Data Visualization - 08 Dec 2015
    This year, Florida has experienced its 10th consecutive year without a hurricane, which is longest period without a hurricane strike in modern times. Exploring this is worthy of some examination, as it offers us many lessons in Big Data Analytics, Risk, and Data Visualization.
  • Uber-fication: Lessons from Uber in Economics, Digital, Risk, and Analytics - 05 Dec 2015
    Uber-fication or Uberisation is the conversion of existing jobs and services into discrete tasks that can be requested on-demand; the emulation or adoption of the Uber’s business model. Here we have discussed opportunities, risk and challenges while doing uberisation.
  • Big Data Monetization Lessons from Zillow - 14 Sep 2015
    In the current tsunami of “Big Data” every business wants to get value out of the data. Here, we are sharing lessons learned by the new real estate websites who have brought together Big Data sets, home buyers, and home sellers.
  • From Big Data to Big Profits: A Lesson from Google’s Nest - 24 Jul 2015
    Google Nest is a very interesting example of how such a seemingly simple item as thermostat, with the addition to Big Data can transform an industry and lead to significant profits.