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  • Introducing dbt, the ETL and ELT Disrupter - Mar 17, 2021.
    Moving and processing data is happening 24/7/365 world-wide at massive scales that only get larger by the hour. Tools exist to introduce efficiencies in how data can be extracted from sources, transformed through calculations, and loaded into target data repositories. However, on their own, these tools can introduce some restrictions in the processing, especially for the needs of data analytics and data science.

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  • Five Interesting Data Engineering Projects - Mar 17, 2020.
    As the role of the data engineer continues to grow in the field of data science, so are the many tools being developed to support wrangling all that data. Five of these tools are reviewed here (along with a few bonus tools) that you should pay attention to for your data pipeline work.

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  • The Role of the Data Engineer is Changing - Jan 10, 2019.
    The role of the data engineer in a startup data team is changing rapidly. Are you thinking about it the right way?

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