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Iliya Valchanov is a Co-founder of 3veta and 365 Data Science. He is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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  • How to become an online data science tutor - 12 May 2021
    Your expertise in data science may be serving you well in your day job or you are on track to land that next dream position to do what you love. There are many others aspiring to attain your level of skill, and maybe you could consider helping them out... through a side gig of teaching.
  • Data Scientist Job Market 2020 - 10 Aug 2020
    With an analysis of over a thousand Data Scientist job descriptions in the USA, check out the trends for 2020 and current expectations on new positions in the field, including credentials, experience, and programming languages.
  • Silver BlogResearch into 1,001 Data Scientist LinkedIn Profiles, the latest - 31 Mar 2020
    What makes a data scientist today? Consider this review of data collected from three years worth of data scientist LinkedIn profiles to gain insight into how this important new career path is shaping up.
  • 365 Data Science courses free until 15 April - 31 Mar 2020
    Be safe. Stay at home. Learn data science. 365 Data Science is making all of their courses free until Apr 15. Sign up now and learn for free!
  • Data Science Predicting The Future - 19 Jun 2018
    In this article we will expand on the knowledge learnt from the last article - The What, Where and How of Data for Data Science - and consider how data science is applied to predict the future.
  • Silver BlogThe What, Where and How of Data for Data Science - 12 Jun 2018
    Here we will take data science apart and build it back up to a coherent and manageable concept. Bear with us!
  • Gold BlogPlatinum BlogData Science vs Machine Learning vs Data Analytics vs Business Analytics - 01 May 2018
    This article gives a broad overview of data science and the various fields within it, including business analytics, data analytics, business intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI.
  • Silver BlogCan I Become a Data Scientist: Research into 1,001 Data Scientist Profiles - 26 Dec 2017
    Results from a survey include: the average data scientist is a male, with median experience on the job is 2 years. He uses R, Python, and SQL. Read for more details.