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  • Develve statistical software (beta) - Oct 21, 2013.
    Develve statistical software (beta), written by Frank Pauw, aims for a direct experience of your data, with no deep hidden menus, making all functions directly accessible, and results directly visible.
  • BabelNet multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and ontology - Oct 16, 2013.
    BabelNet is a multilingual "encyclopedic dictionary" and a multilingual ontology created by mapping the Wikipedia to WordNet, the top English computational lexicon, and by integrating other lexical resources such as OmegaWiki and the Open Multilingual WordNet.


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  • BBVA Innova Data Mining Challenge - Oct 17, 2013.
    First time ever a bank (BBVA) allows developers and researchers to use anonymized card transaction data to design new services, applications and content, and to creating stunning visualizations.


  • Great Debate: Design vs. Math - Oct 27, 2013.
    Math informs; design compels. Which matters more? A well-designed collection of flawed information-or an opaque, hard-to-parse, but unerringly accurate model?
  • LIONbook Chapter 11: Democracy in machine learning - combining models - Oct 18, 2013.
    The LIONbook on machine learning and optimization, written by co-founders of LionSolver software, is provided free for personal and non-profit usage. Chapter 11 looks at Democracy in machine learning - how to combine different models in flexible, creative and effective ways.

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  • SiSense Crowd Accelerated Analytics - Oct 29, 2013.
    SiSense unveils Crowd Accelerated Analytics, which gets faster with more users, who benefit from each other queries. SiSense showcases In-Chip 2.0 technology at Strata + Hadoop World and opens NYC headquarters.
  • doubles Web APIs for web data mining - Oct 28, 2013.
    Data Factory is a Chrome extension for quick access to library of web APIs, for converting a web page into a table of data. launched Data Factory with 1,000 public APIs and plans to release 10,000 by end of 2013.
  • Splice Machine Real-time transactional SQL-on-Hadoop Limited Release - Oct 27, 2013.
    Company seeks evaluators to validate authentic use cases, test SQL coverage and benchmark performance; initial results show a 10x improvement in hardware price/performance over Oracle databases.
  • Society of Data Miners to launch at PAW London (c comments) - Oct 20, 2013.
    New Society of Data Miners will be launched at Predictive Analytics World, London on 23 Oct 2013. It will have to compete with SIGKDD, INFORMS, and other groups in this field.
  • 2013 IEEE ICDM Research Contributions Award: Professor Hans-Peter Kriegel - Oct 19, 2013.
    Hans-Peter Kriegel is recognized for his outstanding contributions to data mining and knowledge discovery research over a wide range of topics including clustering, outlier detection and high-dimensional data analysis.
  • 2013 IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award: Professor Geoff Webb - Oct 19, 2013.
    Geoff Webb has been an active promoter of ICDM conference since its inception, and has many contributions to the entire data mining field, as Editor-in-Chief of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal, as organizer and PC member of many top conferences, and as an active researcher in data mining.
  • Data Elite: Andreessen Horowitz Big Data incubator - Oct 18, 2013.
    A new Big Data lab was launched by top VC firms in San Francisco, with plans to support 5-10 Big Data startups at a time, and providing them with space and mentorship to get started.

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"For me, clean data (cleansed by somebody else) is dead. It has lost its soul." Claudia Perlich, Gilt Tech.

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