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About Ahmad Anis

Machine learning and Data Science Student. Loves #Python and #C++. Student of CS at IIU. Team IJT ❤️. 🇵🇰 Writer for kdnuggets and TDataScience. Twitter: @AhmadMustafaAn1.

Ahmad Anis Posts (18)

  • Silver Blog5 Different Ways to Load Data in Python - 13 Aug 2020
    Data is the bread and butter of a Data Scientist, so knowing many approaches to loading data for analysis is crucial. Here, five Python techniques to bring in your data are reviewed with code examples for you to follow.
  • Gold BlogEasy Guide To Data Preprocessing In Python - 24 Jul 2020
    Preprocessing data for machine learning models is a core general skill for any Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer. Follow this guide using Pandas and Scikit-learn to improve your techniques and make sure your data leads to the best possible outcome.
  • 3 Advanced Python Features You Should Know - 16 Jul 2020
    As a Data Scientist, you are already spending most of your time getting your data ready for prime time. Follow these real-world scenarios to learn how to leverage the advanced techniques in Python of list comprehension, Lambda expressions, and the Map function to get the job done faster.
  • Gold BlogGetting Started with TensorFlow 2 - 02 Jul 2020
    Learn about the latest version of TensorFlow with this hands-on walk-through of implementing a classification problem with deep learning, how to plot it, and how to improve its results.
  • Gold BlogA Complete guide to Google Colab for Deep Learning - 16 Jun 2020
    Google Colab is a widely popular cloud service for machine learning that features free access to GPU and TPU computing. Follow this detailed guide to help you get up and running fast to develop your next deep learning algorithms with Colab.
  • Introduction to Pandas for Data Science - 01 Jun 2020
    The Pandas library is core to any Data Science work in Python. This introduction will walk you through the basics of data manipulating, and features many of Pandas important features.
  • Gold BlogStart Your Machine Learning Career in Quarantine - 11 May 2020
    While this quarantine can last two months, make the most of it by starting your career in Machine Learning with this 60-day learning plan.
  • Gold BlogBeginners Learning Path for Machine Learning - 05 May 2020
    So, you are interested in machine learning? Here is your complete learning path to start your career in the field.

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