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Topics: AI | Data Science | Data Visualization | Deep Learning | Machine Learning | NLP | Python | R | Statistics

About Favio Vazquez

Favio Vazquez is a physicist and computer engineer working on Data Science and Computational Cosmology. He has a passion for science, philosophy, programming, and music. He is the creator of Ciencia y Datos, a Data Science publication in Spanish. He loves new challenges, working with a good team and having interesting problems to solve. He is part of Apache Spark collaboration, helping in MLlib, Core and the Documentation. He loves applying his knowledge and expertise in science, data analysis, visualization, and automatic learning to help the world become a better place.

Favio Vazquez Posts (25)

  • 2018’s Top 7 R Packages for Data Science and AI - 22 Jan 2019
    This is a list of the best packages that changed our lives this year, compiled from my weekly digests.
  • Gold Blog2018’s Top 7 Python Libraries for Data Science and AI - 21 Jan 2019
    This is a list of the best libraries that changed our lives this year, compiled from my weekly digests.
  • Silver BlogOntology and Data Science - 16 Jan 2019
    In simple words, one can say that ontology is the study of what there is. But there is another part to that definition that will help us in the following sections, and that is ontology is usually also taken to encompass problems about the most general features and relations of the entities which do exist.
  • Deep Learning for the Masses (… and The Semantic Layer) - 30 Nov 2018
    Deep learning is everywhere right now, in your watch, in your television, your phone, and in someway the platform you are using to read this article. Here I’ll talk about how can you start changing your business using Deep Learning in a very simple way. But first, you need to know about the Semantic Layer.
  • Why do I Call Myself a Data Scientist? - 05 Oct 2018
    Claimed as the “sexiest job of the 21st Century” here I’ll discuss the reasons for my proclamation as a Data Scientist, beyond the hype.
  • Silver BlogAuto-Keras, or How You can Create a Deep Learning Model in 4 Lines of Code - 17 Aug 2018
    Auto-Keras is an open source software library for automated machine learning. Auto-Keras provides functions to automatically search for architecture and hyperparameters of deep learning models.
  • Manage your Machine Learning Lifecycle with MLflow  –  Part 1 - 05 Jul 2018
    Reproducibility, good management and tracking experiments is necessary for making easy to test other’s work and analysis. In this first part we will start learning with simple examples how to record and query experiments, packaging Machine Learning models so they can be reproducible and ran on any platform using MLflow.
  • Silver BlogDIY Deep Learning Projects - 08 Jun 2018
    Inspired by the great work of Akshay Bahadur in this article you will see some projects applying Computer Vision and Deep Learning, with implementations and details so you can reproduce them on your computer.
  • Deep Learning With Apache Spark: Part 2 - 23 May 2018
    In this article I’ll continue the discussion on Deep Learning with Apache Spark. I will focus entirely on the DL pipelines library and how to use it from scratch.
  • Detecting Breast Cancer with Deep Learning - 09 May 2018
    Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women, and the second main cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. In this article I will build a WideResNet based neural network to categorize slide images into two classes, one that contains breast cancer and other that doesn’t using Deep Learning Studio.

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