About Kaushik Pal

Kaushik Pal (TechAlpine) has 16 years of experience as a technical architect and software consultant in enterprise application and product development. He has interest in new technology and innovation area along with technical writing. His main focuses are on web architecture, web technologies, java/j2ee, Open source, big data and semantic technologies.

Kaushik Pal Posts (16)

  • How open API economy accelerates the growth of big data and analytics - 17 Jun 2016
    An open API is available on the internet for free. We review the growth of API economy and how organizations have been realizing the potential of open APIs in transforming their business.
  • Cloud Computing Key Terms, Explained - 09 Jun 2016
    A concise overview of 20 core cloud computing ecosystem concepts. The focus here is on the terminology, not The Big Picture.
  • Hadoop Key Terms, Explained - 30 May 2016
    An straightforward overview of 16 core Hadoop ecosystem concepts. No Big Picture discussion, just the facts.
  • What are the Challenges of the Analytics of Things? - 20 May 2016
    without the AoT, it is difficult to realize the full potential of the IoT. We review the promise and challenges of Analytics of Things, including data, security, analytics implementation, standartization, and more.
  • Advantages and Risks of Self-Service Analytics - 13 Apr 2016
    Self-service analytics is likely to spread in all the business layers, and with proper care to avoid certain risks, the culture of self-service analytics will help all organizations.
  • How to combat financial fraud by using big data? - 25 Mar 2016
    Financial fraud methods are becoming more sophisticated and the techniques to combat such attacks also need to evolve. Big data has brought with it novel fraud detection and prevention techniques such as behavioral analysis and real-time detection to give fraud fighting techniques a new perspective.
  • What is the influence of Big Data in Medicine? - 14 Mar 2016
    The 360-degree customer view is the idea, that companies can get a complete view of customers by aggregating data from the various touch points that a user. And, big data is helping to materialize this idea, which will revolutionize the healthcare.
  • How Big Data and Predictive Analytics can help manage climate change - 31 Dec 2015
    We review how Big data and data science can provide accurate analytics to help deal with climate change with tools like Global Forest Watch, Microsoft Research’s Madingley Model, and the Google Earth Engine.
  • How ‘Insights-as-a-service’ is growing based on big data - 16 Dec 2015
    Insights-as-service should deliver not only actionable insights, but also a concrete plan to use them. We review different types of insights as a service, how they are used with big data, deployment challenges, and future trends.
  • What is the importance of Dark Data in Big Data world? - 20 Nov 2015
    Dark data is a subset of big data, but it constitutes the biggest portion of the total volume of big data collected by organizations in a year. We will discuss about what opportunities this holds for an organization.