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Courses, Events

  • Stanford Learning Analytics Summer Institute - Online - Jun 30, 2013.
    Learn about Learning Analytics ! Stanford Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI), July 1-5 is (massively) oversubscribed, but you can attend a series of local events and watch live-streamed keynotes.
  • Maastricht Summer School On Data Mining, Aug 27-30, The Netherlands - Jun 26, 2013.
    This intensive 4-day introduction to data mining methods and applications balance theory and practice, with each lecture accompanied by a lab. This school is intended for students, scientists, engineers, and experts in specific fields who need to apply data-mining techniques to their fields.



Academic/Research positions


  • IDC Forecasts Strong Growth for Business Analytics Software Market - Jul 1, 2013.
    The worldwide business analytics software market is expected to grow at a 9.7% CAGR through 2017, according to a new forecast from IDC. In 2012 the market grew only 8.7%, much slower than 15% in 2011. Data warehousing sector grew faster in 2012 than BI/Analytics sector.
  • Wikibon: Industrial Internet and Big Data Analytics - Jun 24, 2013.
    Data associated with the Industrial Internet - created by machines - holds more potential business value on a size-adjusted basis than other types of Big Data associated with the social Web, consumer Internet and other sources.
  • Teradata ebook: Big Data Marketing Hero - Jun 21, 2013.
    Teradata new ebook, freely available, gives guidelines on how to integrate information from all marketing channels, connect with customers in relevant ways, and help internal stakeholders understand the threats of divided data.
  • Process Mining Movie - Jun 20, 2013.
    A short movie explains what process mining is and how it works. Over the last decade, process mining emerged as a new scientific discipline that provides the missing link between process-oriented (BPM, WFM, etc.) and data-oriented (BI, DM, ML, KDD) approaches.

Top Tweets

News Briefs

  • Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop - Jun 30, 2013.
    Hunk integrates exploration, analysis and visualization of data in Hadoop, and promises dramatic improvements in the speed and simplicity of analyzing data in Hadoop without programming, costly integrations or forced data migrations.
  • DataMarket and ProQuest Major New Global Data Portal - Jun 29, 2013.
    Researchers, students and library users will be able to search, compare, visualize and share billions of key facts and figures about the world, their countries and communities.
  • Mu Sigma launches muHPC, packaged MapReduce algorithms for Hadoop - Jun 28, 2013.
    muHPC is a library of popular statistical algorithms written in MapReduce, designed for enterprise-class Big Data analysis in Hadoop environments. muHPC initially includes R functions for linear modeling, exploratory data analysis, and clustering.
  • Karmasphere, Zementis make PMML models available for Hadoop - Jun 26, 2013.
    Karmasphere and Zementis transform PMML models into industry standard Hive UDF's for Hadoop, to allow data analysts easily use existing models, including from SAS, SPSS and R.
  • Datameer 3.0: first ever point-click machine learning functions for Hadoop - Jun 25, 2013.
    Datameer 3.0 will add new Smart Analytic functions, which, with a single click, will automatically identify patterns, relationships, and even recommendations based on data stored in Hadoop. Sign up as an early adopter.
  • Actuate BIRT Analytics adds Predictive Analytics - Jun 22, 2013.
    New features bring data to life through pattern detection, decision trees, and campaign workflow definition to effectively analyze data and execute campaigns
  • NASA Asteroid Grand Challenge - Jun 22, 2013.
    The challenge is a large-scale effort that will use multi-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships with other government agencies, international partners, industry, academia, and citizen scientists.
  • Accel launches 100M Big Data Fund 2 for the 2nd Wave of Big Data Startups - Jun 19, 2013.
    Accel Big Data Fund 2 will have a different focus its first big data fund, which focused mainly on the 3 Vs of big data: variety, volume and velocity. The second fund will focus on fourth V, which is end user value.
  • SiSense first In-Chip Analytics Solution in the Cloud - Jun 19, 2013.
    SiSense makes Terabyte-range analytics workloads in the Cloud easy and affordable, with costs as low as $1/TB per hour. SiSense will work with Rackspace to reduce cost and complexity from Big Data Cloud deployments.

CFP - Calls for Papers


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