About William Schmarzo

Chief Technology Officer, EMC, @schmarzo. The moniker “Dean of Big Data” may have been applied in a light-hearted spirit, but Bill’s expertise around data analytics is no joke. After being deeply immersed in the world of big data for over 20 years, he shows no signs of coming up for air. Bill speaks frequently on the use of big data, with an engaging style that has gained him many accolades. See more of his posts at InFocus.emc.com.

William Schmarzo Posts (20)

  • Asimov’s 4th Law of Robotics - 08 Sep 2017
    It seems Isaac Asimov didn’t envision needing a law to govern robots in these sorts of life-and-death situations where it isn’t the life of the robot versus the life of a human in debate, but it’s a choice between the lives of multiple humans!
  • Transforming from Autonomous to Smart: Reinforcement Learning Basics - 11 Aug 2017
    This blog introduces the basics of reinforcement learning. We are going to see how reinforcement learning might help us to address these challenges; to work smarter at the edge when brute force technology advances will not suffice.
  • The Key to Data Monetization - 31 Jul 2017
    While I have talked frequently about the concept of Analytic Profiles, I’ve never written a blog that details how Analytic Profiles work. So let’s create a “Day in the Life” of an Analytic Profile to explain how an Analytic Profile works to capture and “monetize” your analytic assets.
  • Golden State Warriors Analytics Exercise - 22 Jun 2017
    This post outlines a data analysis exercise undertaken by students in a recent University of San Francisco MBA class, in which they were forced to make difficult data science trade-offs between gathering data, preparing the data and performing the actual analysis.
  • Difference Between Big Data and Internet of Things - 21 Apr 2017
    If you cannot manage real-time streaming data and make real-time analytics and real-time decisions at the edge, then you are not doing IOT or IOT analytics, in my humble opinion. So what is required to support these IOT data management and analytic requirements?
  • Is Blockchain the Ultimate Enabler of Data Monetization? - 14 Apr 2017
    Is blockchain the ultimate enabler of data and analytics monetization; creating marketplaces where companies, individuals and even smart entities (cars, trucks, building, airports, malls) can share/sell/trade/barter their data and analytic insights directly with others?
  • Identifying Variables That Might Be Better Predictors - 02 Feb 2017
    This blog serves to expand on the approach that the data science team uses to identify (and quantify) which variables and metrics are better predictors of performance.
  • Citizen Data Scientist, Jumbo Shrimp, and Other Descriptions That Make No Sense - 30 Dec 2016
    No one would say “Citizen Lawyer” or “Citizen Nuclear Physicists” or “Citizen Physician.” I guess a “Citizen Physician” would be someone who “practices medicine but whose primary job function is outside of the field of medicine (meaning that they’ve had no training in medicine or medical procedures).”
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Challenge: The Sensor That Cried Wolf - 23 Dec 2016
    William Schmarzo, the "Dean of Big Data," shares a personal story that identifies a tangible issue related to technology in general, and which carries an important message for the Internet of Things (IoT) in particular.
  • Chief Data Officer Toolkit: Leading the Digital Business Transformation – Part 2 - 04 Nov 2016
    Read the second and final part of this overview of the CDO Toolkit, which integrates the disciplines of economics and analytics to help the CDO to ascertain the economic value of the organization’s data and data sources.